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How Moisture Manager Works

Have you ever heard that we lose up to 50% of our water to evaporation?n?


Evaporation is our enemy...

That's true, but maybe not quite the way you thought:

It's not the spray from sprinklers that evaporates; the evaporation happens some days after the water soaks in.

It turns out that plants (except redwood trees and ferns) can't use water unless it's in droplet form. They can't use humidity, even when it's laden with water.

Every time the soil dries after you water (or it rains), there's a point when the droplets are gone and the remaining water is in the form of humidity.

At 99% humidity, plants stop absorbing water, and the humidity slowly evaporates into the atmosphere. This represents an enormous amount of water, water your plants can't absorb.

Moisture Manager condenses this humidity into droplets that plants can use, so a light rain or infrequent watering becomes available to thirsty plants.

In fact, the active ingredient in
Moisture Manager is able to extract moisture out of the air, changing itself into a pool of water in just thirty minutes at 31% humidity (that's low).

Once applied and watered in, plant roots take up water, but the 
Moisture Manager molecule is too big to enter the root, so it builds up a film on each root.

This film attracts water like nobody's business. Any moisture available in the soil gets condensed onto the roots, rather than being evaporated away and lost.

This water-stretching effect lasts about three months before the product biodegrades harmlessly.

Moisture Manager is not a replacement for water - it serves to reduce the amount of water you use outdoors, not eliminate watering. Lawns need about one inch of water a week, but can survive on half that amount when treated with Moisture Manager.

The manufacturer recommends that Moisture Manager be applied every three months during dry conditions.

Moisture Manager is a USDA Biobased Product, so it's completely safe and nontoxic.

Moisture Manager should be applied by a professional applicator. For service in your area, call The Drought Buster, your authorized contractor, in the green side bar.

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