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The Drought Buster
We are your professional applicator of Moisture Manager™

Water up to 50% Less


Keep Your Lawn and Landscaping Vibrant and Strong Even in Drought Conditions
with Moisture Manager™

How To Order

 1. Click here to schedule a treatment of Moisture Manager to your lawn and/or landscaping by
The Drought Buster.

2. Send in payment after your lawn and/or landscaping is treated with Moisture Manager by The Drought Buster.

3. Water as usual for three weeks after treatment.

4. Cut back your watering by 50%.

Moisture Manager is an amazing new water-saving product for lawns and plants.

Once applied and watered in, you can use up to 50% less water and keep your lawn and plants alive.

If you're watering at all, you should have Moisture Manager applied to your lawns and/or landscaping.

It can make a big difference in your water bill, and your yard.  It can also prevent the loss of your lawn and landscaping during the drought.

It costs less than a nickel per square foot to have it professionally applied!

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By maintaining moisture levels in the soil, you help break the drought cycle in plants. Here are the benefits in a nutshell: 

 Reduces Watering by 50% 

 Minimizes Landscape Loss

 Controls /  Eliminates Dry Spots

Reduces Watering Frequency

Saves Money

Saves Water

Can prevent Lawns and
   Landscapes From Drying Out
   During the Drought, Using
   Half the  Normal Water

Click the image below to understand how Moisture Manager can minimize the effects of the drought.

Note: Hydretain is another name for Moisture Manager

Moisture Manager is not a wetting agent, polymer, penetrant, or antitranspirant.

No other product has the ability to actually attract free water molecules and then release them through osmosis into the roots of your plants. It is a truly unique compound that has no equal.

To obtain the best results, Moisture Manager should be applied by a professional applicator. For service in your area, call The Drought Buster, your authorized contractor, in the green side bar.

The applicator listed on this website has agreed to apply a double-dose of Moisture Manager to your property at no additional cost.

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